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Our Story – Poestenkill Library 2001-2011

Eva Gemmill has written a wonderful history of the library (2001-2011) for our 10th anniversary. I encourage visitors to this site to take a look at the story. Eva and her tremendous way with words has made the past 10 years come alive again. You will see many familiar faces in the pictures and many names mentioned in the story. She put a great deal of time, effort, and love into this project. I had to really force her hand to even include herself in the story! She was a key player in the whole new building and in all the grants and recognitions we received!

Please share this with your friends (Friends) and families. Reading the story makes you realize why we all have such a fondness for the library and all the people that made/make it happen! Moving into the new space was a tremendous community effort. It is easy to forget how hard it was at some points.

Eva is now working on the old history of the library. From the 1800s (I think) to 2001, where the current story begins. We’ll get that posted too when it is done.

You will find the “Our Story” tab at the top of this page. It has been formatted so it can also be read on a mobile device.

Thank you,
Margie Morris