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Animal Friends Library Sleepover

Twelve stuffed animals were left at the library to spend the night: Gable, Snake, Lili, Fluffy, Rebecca, Oreo, Giggles, Kitty, Doggy Woggy, Pusheen, Dave, & Sneetch. Dave & Sneetch live at the library and they reported on the sleepover.

Mrs. Morris read us all a story and then gave us all books to read by ourselves while she and Nick got ready to shut down the library for the night.

Then everyone was tucked in and the library was locked up.

Mrs. Morris & Nick were barely out of the parking lot when DoggyWoggy said, “let’s go see what is upstairs!” Up everyone went, Snake taking the easier way up.

Wow! There were lots of games to play. Pusheen and I played Connect 4 with Giggles, Sneetch, and Doggy Woggy looking on. Snake and Fluffy found a book about LEGOs to share.

Rebecca, Kitty, Gable, Oreo, and Lili decided to play dominoes. Lili really likes the spots!

After playing some games, Dave told everyone that Ms. Dona has a CD player she uses for story hour. They opened a lot of cupboards and finally found it. Everyone hung around listening to the great music Rebecca picked out. Snake helped her get the CD to the player.

Some of the friends thought a ride on the book truck would be a cool thing to do. Fluffy and Snake figured out how to do that by working together as a team.

The other friends preferred some computer games.

Then everyone wanted to see the machine that was making all the noise! It was the 3D printer that Nick had started before he left. Dave and Sneetch are used to it so they stayed in the other room and read their books.

When everyone came back into the kid’s room, they decided they wanted to read some books. Pusheen and Gable really liked the pop-up book.

Giggles decided to pretend to work at the library, the little stinker!

At some point, everyone got tired out and we all snuggled together for the rest of the night. That is how Mrs. Morris found us when she stopped in to check on us on her way to work in the morning! We had a fun night and met new friends! We hope to do it again! Thank you to Mrs. Thompson for organizing this fun event! Check us out on Facebook too!