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Stuffie Friends Sleep Over at the Library!

Fifteen stuffies were brought to the library for a special sleepover. This was the first time for all of them, but some of them had heard about the previous one from friends who attended last February. Ready to spend the night were: Flopalopso, Bunny (white), Bunny (gray), Rosie, Redred, Wicket, Duffy, Cheetey, August, Ironman, Blup-blop-bleep, Sebastian, Pokodoteay, Goat, and Polar Beary. Sneetch lives at the library and reported on the sleepover.

Mrs. Morris read us all a story and we played in the library while she and Nick got ready to shut down the library for the night. Rosie, Bunny, Pokodoteay, Cheetey, Redred, and Sebastian decided to use a couple of Launchpads. Wicket, Duffy, and Flopalopso worked on some puzzles. And August, Ironman, Bunny, Goat, and Blup-blop-bleep picked out some books. Then everyone was tucked in and the library was locked up.

Mrs. Morris & Nick were barely out of the parking lot when I said, “do you want to see what is upstairs?” and up everyone went. I showed them the stack of games and everyone found something the wanted to try – Candyland and Scrabble Jr were the favorites, but I asked a few friends if they wanted to just play cards. After we were done, I opened the door to the office and we tried to drag out the tub of DUPLOs to play with but they spilled all over the floor – oops!

Back down the stairs we all went and someone saw the sign for cake pans. “Let’s bake a cake!” Before I could tell them we didn’t have an oven, they had pulled out some fun pans. And a couple of the smaller friends thought they were in a little boat! Rosie & Sebastian wanted to watch the trailer for the new Frozen movie instead of helping to clean up the cake pans. The headphones helped as it was a little noisy with everyone putting the cake pans away.

You could tell everyone was getting tired because they started getting a little bold. Someone thought it would be funny to photocopy a couple of fannies! How rude! A couple of friends spotted the LEGO creations from the LEGO Club and thought it would be fun to play with them. They were very careful and nothing was broken! Phew! I was a little worried! Then we looked in the closet and found the courier bins and decided they would make a good fort! That was fun for everyone! Rosie found some cups and we played the cup stacking game!

At some point, everyone got completely tired out and we all snuggled together for the rest of the night. That is how Mrs. Morris found us when she stopped in to check on us on her way to work in the morning! We had a fun night and met new friends ! We hope to do it again!