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Stuffie Sleepover – April 23, 2019

Hi Everyone! My name is Dave and my friend, Sneetch, and I live at the library. Last night we had a sleepover with 8 new friends – Barry, Flopalopso, Dickens, Frogy, Weasley, Ali Wings, Little Guy, and Acrobat Cowy. I was watching as these new friends arrived with their humans. Everyone got a name tag, which was good because Sneetch & I can’t remember names! Then the humans made fun beds for their stuffie friends to sleep in. Acrobat Cowy & Little Guy had a bed with a canopy! How cool is that!
The first thing we all did was listen to Mrs. Morris read a story. We used the sit-up-ons like they do for Preschool Story Hour – that floor is cold! The story was about seeds. Monday was Earth Day and there are a lot of good books with that theme at the library. After the story, Mrs. Morris said we could do one of the Earth Day activities that anyone can do this week. We planted some bean seeds in a peat pod in a cup and then watered them. The peat pod got bigger and covered the seed! I hope everyone’s plant grows as big as the one Mrs. Valente planted and brought to the library! Little Guy tried to plant himself in a cup to see if he would grow!

The next thing we tried was origami. Sneetch found a book on the shelf and there was paper on the table. I helped Frogy & Dickens read the directions. We made some hats, a heart, and a cat. It was hard without thumbs, but it was fun!

Mrs. Morris & Nick made sure we were all set for the night and then they went home. Now the fun can start – the grown-ups have left the building!
I showed the new kids the play area and they had fun doing puzzles and playing with cars on the rug that looks like a town. Flopalopso & Weasley checked out the Launchpad tablets filled with games and stories. Barry & Acrobat Cowy thought the magnetic game was a challenge, but great fun!

Everyone said they wanted to get out of the children’s room and explore the library. Sneetch & I were thinking about what we should show them and we heard a crash! Oops! Ali Wings and Little Guy somehow got up on the desk and knocked over the tubs of pencils. What a mess! But everyone pitched in and helped and we got it back into the tub.

I told our new friends to hop on the book cart and Sneetch & I would take them on a tour of the library. First stop was the LEGO display out in the entryway. The kids in the LEGO Club are very creative. Everyone wanted a closer look. We discovered that the case was unlocked! Sneetch & I slid the heavy glass doors open so we could all see the creations better and before we knew it, they had all climbed right into the display case to get the closest look possible! Thank goodness they didn’t break anything! Wow! We better get them out of there!

Next we headed in to see what was making all the noise in the workroom. Nick had started a 3D print job before he left. They all scrambled to the top of the book cart to get a better look. Weasley & Little Guy decided being on top of the 3D printer was the best view!

Dickens asked about the big machine next to the 3D printer. We told him it was a copy machine. Some of the other friends said they heard that, in February at another sleepover, some stuffies decided to photocopy their behinds! After much laughter, it was decided to try doing faces this time. Little Guy was the perfect size to push the button and out came the cute faces of Flopalopso, Cowy, and Ali Wings! But maybe they would try behinds too! Why not? So they turned around and Little Guy pushed the button again. Out came the copy of three little behinds, tags and all! HaHaHa!!

Frogy asked what was behind the big white door that Nick had closed before leaving. Sneetch said it was the stairs and that got the friends excited! “What’s upstairs?” they asked. So with a lot of effort, we opened that heavy door and up we all went. Sneetch went up the railing and took Little Guy with him as the stairs were too steep for Little Guy. I had to tell them to be careful as they climbed the stairs.
There is a lot to do upstairs! Flopalopso & Ali Wings played checkers, Sneetch read a book about dogs to Barry & Dickens, and Weasley, Little Guy, Cowy, & Frogy stacked cups. Whoa! That was a quick ride down for Little Guy! The stack of chairs in the corner of the Teen book room looks like a ladder. And, of course, a ladder needs to be climbed! Frogy & Dickens made it up quickly and encouraged Cowy and Flopalopso to try it, too!

While they were playing, I dragged out a couple of tubs of the LEGOs to play with. That was a lot of fun. They were inspired by the great creations they saw (and played with) in the display case. Ali Wings was in the tub looking for pink blocks and Weasley was looking for wheels. Little Guy found a big wheel and was trying to figure out how he could ride on it!

After we put all the LEGOs away, the friends decided to look through some magazines. It was hard to choose as there are a lot of them!

Sneetch & I thought it was time to go back down stairs. I found the big boom box in the Story Hour cabinet and we put in a Doobie Brothers CD to do some dancing. Frogy & Flopalopso were rocking in their flashing light glasses! Cool!

To end the night and calm everyone down, Sneetch & I got all the friends around one of the computers to watch the Toy Story 4 trailer. We ALL love Toy Story movies!!! They are so true! I just watched from the cart and Sneetch was relaxing and saying, “I’m exhausted!”

Sneetch had found some marshmallows in the kitchen, so we had a little campfire and sang some songs together! That was fun. We found out that most of the friends don’t like burned marshmallows. Good thing because our campfire was not hot!

It was pretty late when we all got settled in for bed and we were all as exhausted as Sneetch! I don’t want to tell you the exact time. Mrs. Morris won’t let us have another sleepover if she thinks we stayed up all night. I hope she doesn’t read this story! She thinks she tucked us in when she left and we slept all night! We picked up everything we played with, so there are no signs of us doing anything but sleeping. SHHHHH! Don’t tell her! We had a wonderful time with our new friends and we want to do it again sometime!
Goodnight, from Dave & Sneetch!