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Stuffie Sleepover on 2/18/20 as reported by Dave

Hi! My name is Dave and I live at the Poestenkill Library. (Do you like my photo? I’m just learning to do selfies!) Last night was my favorite night of the year! It’s the night stuffie friends come to the library to sleep over. I love meeting new friends each year! I met Dasher, Hippo, Pink Bunny, Thumper, Angel Angelee, Dolphin, Squirtle, Honey Muffin, Sniggly, Foxy (and his little stuffie friends), Snakey, SpiderBear, and Stormfly. What a nice bunch of stuffies. You can tell they are very loved at home.

The friends came in with their people and after everyone arrived, Mrs. Morris introduced us to each other and then read us a cute story about hugs. It’s a good thing we could use the sit-upons they have for preschool story hour because that floor is very cold! Then Mrs. Morris said they could do some coloring sheets up on the table. There were so many colored pencils to choose from! Hippo found a book she liked and read it to Dasher, Squirtle, and Stormfly. Snakey wanted to do the Dr. Seuss floor puzzle so Dolphin, Thumper, Stormfly, and Pink Bunny got down from the table to help.

By the time they were done with all of that, it was time for Mrs. Morris and Taylor to go home. Everyone was tucked in for the night under the nice warm blanket. Picachu and Mickey decided to join them (they live at the library with me), but I wanted to stay in my own bed, at least that’s what I told Mrs. Morris. The lights were turned off and the doors were locked. Now the fun can begin!!!
I don’t mean to be a troublemaker, but I feel like I needed to show my new friends some of the fun things at the library. So, once I saw the car leave the parking lot, I turned the lights back on and we explored the library.

First we went upstairs. It was easy for Snakey and Sniggly to slither up the railings. Dolphin and Stormfly hitched rides. The rest climbed the stairs as best they could. Angel Angelee used her pretty wings.

There were many things to do upstairs. Dasher saw the big people’s puzzle and wanted to try to help finish it. Squirtle got right into things trying to find a piece they could put into place. There a lot of tiny pieces, the box said 1,000! Yikes!
I unlocked the office door and we all dragged out a tub of LEGO bricks. They were so much fun to use! SpiderBear, Honey Muffin, Stormfly, Thumper really got into it and the two snake friends ssssssupervised.

In the other room, Hippo and Dolphin played Connect 4, while Pink Bunny, Angel Angelee, and Foxy & friends played Candy Land. Snakey and Sniggly left the LEGOs and had a race to see who could get to the top of the stack of chairs. It looks like Snakey took a wrong turn! They all had fun!

Before we went back downstairs, Honey Muffin wanted to read a book about St. Patrick’s Day to everyone. It was good to take a little break before going back down all those stairs.
Dasher, Thumper, Foxy, and Dolphin wanted to use the new library computers to watch a movie. They found Frozen 2 and sat quietly to watch for a while. Someone found the snacks that are kept in the kitchen for LEGO Club and a few friends enjoyed fruit snacks and Goldfish crackers. They were nice and shared with everyone.

Some of the friends had heard the copy machine running earlier in the evening and wanted to take pictures of their fannies. But Thumper said he would only push the Start button if they took copies of their faces. What a nice young rabbit he is!

While friends were playing with the copier, Snakey said he would take everyone for a ride on the book return cart. He is very strong to be able to pull that around. Mickey & Picachu decided they wanted a ride too.

There was a huge book leaning against the table in the fiction room and some of the friends wondered what it was about. It took them a while to get it opened and the page they turned to had wonderful photos of seal in the Arctic. It’s a really nice book!

My new friends were getting pretty tired so I suggested they go back into the children’s room and play with the Launchpad tablets or listen to the new readalong Wonderbooks that let you listen to the book being read.

Everyone settled down and before long they all climbed back onto the nice warm blanket, all snuggled together, and fell asleep. I spent some time putting things back where they belonged. Mrs. Morris will never know the fun we had all night! Don’t tell her because I want to do this again! But now I’m exhausted and need to go to bed! Hope to see all my friends and some new ones next year!