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The library proposition passed 785 to 619! Thank you to everyone who supported the $12,000 annual increase to the library budget. This will close the gap on the operating expenses and allow us to bring new programs and services to the library. We will start working on that right away. Please let us know what services or programs you would like to see from the library. You can email Thank you for your support!

Don’t forget to VOTE today! The library needs your support!

Proposition #4, on he back of the ballot, asks the voters of Poestenkill to approve a $12,000 increase in the amount the library receives from the Town of Poestenkill. Please support the library budget increase. The $12,000 will cover the total amount of annual operating expenses. Fundraising efforts can focus on increasing services and program to the Poestenkill community.

Thank you for your support! Flip the ballot and vote on Proposition #4!

Please support the library increase on November 7th! It is proposition #4 on the back of the ballot!

On Election Day, November 7, The Board of Trustees of the Poestenkill Library is asking residents to approve a $12,000 increase in the annual contribution of the Town of Poestenkill for library services to the community. The current amount, voted on four years, ago is $59,290. The total expense budget for 2017 is $80,419.
Things to know for this proposition…

– The average homeowner would see a total cost of $33.50 on the Library line on their tax bill, less than $3.00 per month.

– The $12,000 increase has been penciled into the Town’s 2018 budget and there is still going to be an overall tax decrease for town taxpayers.

– Despite taking steps to cut costs wherever possible, a gap of $11,000-$12,000, between library income and operating expenses, has existed each year for the past 10 years. Fundraising has been used to cover operating expenses.

– By supporting the Library’s proposition (#4 on the back of the ballot), residents will assist the Board of Trustees in creating a reliable revenue stream.

– Fundraising would then be used to focus on improved services and programs for the community, rather than applying it to operating expenses.

– In 2018, there will be an increase in minimum wage in addition to other cost increases beyond our control.

– The $47,180 salary budget includes withholding taxes and covers the director and six part-time employees. This is 58.7% of the total operating budget. A library is a service business and therefore has a higher percentage in personnel costs.

– An independent audit showed that the library budget was very lean and could not easily be reduced. The only flexible line in the budget is for collection purchases of books, DVDs, CDs, etc. This is currently at $14,290.

– The Poestenkill Library, in addition to providing basic library services to all ages, also offers to its community: 3D printing services, free Wi-Fi – 24/7 – in and out of the building, preschool story hour, copying/faxing/scanning, and public access computers. New services that could be added are: computer/social media classes for Seniors, family programs, adult learning workshops, and author visits, to name a few.

The Trustees, staff, and volunteers of the Poestenkill Library hope that you will support Proposition #4 on the back of the ballot on November 7th!

Fall Market was a great success!

The Friends of Poestenkill Library had a very successful Market Day and they want to thank all the bakers, helpers, donators, basket-makers, box carriers, shoppers, etc. who made the day great! The weather was perfect! The total raised was $2,353.40.

Bake Sale – $560.00
Book Sale – 471.00
Puzzles – 453.00
Attic Treasures – 335.55
Baskets – 302.00
50/50 – 64.85
Jewelry – 62.00
Food – 105.00


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