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Library Budget Passed! Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who voted and those who worked hard to get the word out about the library budget. The final vote was 696 to 535. The Trustees and staff are very grateful for the community’s support!

Thank you all!

Library Budget Vote – Proposal #7 on the back of the ballot. We need your support and your vote!

Some budget facts:

  • Last library budget vote was in November 2007, where the amount approved was $45,949 for the 2008 budget.
  • Over the past 5 years, the Town has increased the amount the library receives over the 2007 ballot amount by an average of 3% per year.
  • In 2013, the library received $52,239 from the Town. This was $6,290 over the approved 2007 ballot amount. These are funds that have been accounted for in the Town’s budget over the past 5 years.
  • The Library Board of Trustees is requesting an additional $7,051 to bring the annual budget total from the Town to $59,290. The proposal on the ballot will show the total increase from 2007 of $13,341 (due to State Education Law ballot requirements).

Last Budget Vote November 2007 = $45,949 for 2008 budget year

Budget Overview 2009-2014
Year Total Library Budget Funding from the Town % of increase over prior year Town funding % of total budget from fundraising
2009 69,382 47,347 3% 25.6%
2010 68,704 47,347 0 26%
2011 71,532 48,767 3% 22.9%
2012 72,215 49,742 2% 23.7%
2013 74,251 52,239 5% 20.5%
*2014 75,215 59,290 13.5% 12%

*proposed amount

  • Other recurring annual revenue sources include (2013): Rensselaer County ($3,610), NYS Library Aid ($970), Brittonkill School District ($500), and Friends of Poestenkill Library ($1,650 for cleaning services).
  • The library building and property are owned by the Town of Poestenkill. The annual rent is $10. The Town pays for the alarm system, maintains the heating & cooling systems (the library pays for the fuel & electricity), takes care of major building repairs, maintains the yard (mowing), and does the plowing in the winter. A dedicated group of volunteers maintain the gardens and rake the leaves.
  • Per capita (census pop. 4,530) cost for the total library budget in 2013 is $16.39. The cost if Proposal #7 is approved would be $16.60. NY State Ed recommends $25 per capita. (Based on our census figure, that budget amount would need to be $113,250.)

TumbleBooks Library – eBooks & more for children!

TumbleBooks is a great way for children to find good ebooks! TumbleBooks offers picture books, chapter books, nonfiction and more. The books can be read right online, without downloading them. What a wonderful service to have if you are sitting in a waiting room and need a diversion! Kids can access these books on a mobile device or computer. TumbleBooks also offers audiobooks, videos and puzzles & games. Check it out using the link to the right under online access.

Market Day was a great success!

The weather was perfect and it was smiles all around on Saturday for the Friends of Poestenkill Library!

Here is the breakdown of how each “booth” did:
Baked Goods – $614.25
Baskets – $188.00
Books – $463.05
Collectibles – $180.50
Food – $114.60
Jewelry, etc – $239.35
Puzzles – $121.80
50/50 -$87.00
Total – $2008.55

Thank you to everyone who gave donations, worked at Market Day, or came to buy and support the Friends of Poestenkill Library!

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