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Picketing, Leafleting, Pamphleting and Soliciting Policy

Poestenkill Library — Policies & Procedures

Poestenkill Library’s entrances and exits, sidewalks and parking lot shall be available to the Public for: Ingress, Egress, Waiting for transportation.

For the safety of Library patrons, no picketing, leafleting, pamphleting or soliciting shall be permitted within a 15-foot radius of the end of the entrance ramp or the bottom step of the front porch. In addition, persons or groups cannot impede the ingress or egress of patrons on foot or by car anywhere on Library property.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees September 27, 2004

Reviewed by the Board of Trustees February 23, 2009

Reviewed by the Board of Trustees December 28, 2015